i’ve been writing poetry since i was about twelve years old, it has been a constant throughout all the tough and wonderful times in my life so far and i believe i will always be writing. i know this blog is mostly about my visual arts, but i would like to share some poems written by me as well. this one was written by seventeen year old mari.

do not take your time with me

Please hurry up. I am not one to sleep at night

or stay awake in the middle of the day

when the world is so very much alive.

Or in that silent time of morning when

stranger’s cigarette smoke mixes in with the early fog

and traces off, like thoughts or bitten words,

into the silence where no one will ever hear them.

Perhaps they were never meant to be heard.

I am not one to write things off as tragedies even though

they would sound so fucking wonderful as poetry.

So yes, I lost my innocence to a man who does not know

what it is like to lie under the stars and just be alive

does not know what is like to love someone.

And yes, I lost my heart – if it counts as losing –

to a man who could make up a thousand miles with kisses

and scratch out love songs on a beaten up road map.

Please do not take your time.

I am not short or sweet, I am a rush of mixed emotions

with a youthful confusion about true love

simply lying alone in the middle of the day in crumpled sheets

wondering what will happen next.

I am not one to over think, or so I think,

instead I simply try to comprehend what makes a person do such terrible things

to leave a girl alone in the middle of the night

unable to sleep.

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