giant canvases are the best.


honestly, i’m over the moon with this 4×6 foot painting. i did it in an all-nighter with a palate knife and some great music. the colours and the movement are wonderful to me, and while i know there is most definitely room for improvement, i would love to keep workin on a large scale such as this one. more big canvases for me please!

do you prefer to work on a large or small scale? let me know!








sometimes i get tired of my sketchbook so i go over it in watercolours! they’re not a medium i’m excellent at, but it’s a fun way to refresh my brain and sketchbook at the same time! plus, getting to play around with watercolours is quite relaxing, so i think i’m going to do it more often.

two new paintings!


since moving my art space to the living room where i have more area and better lighting i’m getting back into acrylic painting! here are some warm-up paintings i’ve done recently while playing with colours.