poem: wild

the world is too wild for me,
my body cannot carry
so many forests on my back.

the waves have been creeping up
past my ankles to my thighs.
i feel my hands turning into rolling hills,
my skin slowly giving way to grains of sand.

wild animals are nesting
in my hair and my mouth.
my eyes have become nothing
but a reflection of the sky.

and i tried to fight it, tried not to let
the wilderness take over
my body and soul
but she is tricky, lures you
in with sunsets
and sun rays through
the treetops and summer breezes,

but then, she will swallow you alive.
my body belongs to her,
my stomach is fields of grass
and wildflowers sprouting up.

my back tall with jack-pines and oak trees,
my knees made of boulders
holding me down.
my sand-skin

glimmers in the sunlight
before the waves come in
to take away my breath, at last.

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