poem: wondering

i wonder about a lot of things, recently.
like how the colours can burn from your
fingers to the apples of my cheeks, spreading
redness like raspberry jam across me
tasting just as sweet and lingering on your tongue.

i wonder about how many gardens i shall grow
over the course of my life, how many blooms
i shall bring to the world. how many rivers
will try to drown me as i paddle by,
how many canyons long to know my body
spread out across their rocky floors.

i wonder about how many lovers i can wrap
my arms around, how many men will
stay till the morning light, how many women
will kiss me at stoplights and taste me
like all i ever was was a delicacy on their lips.
i wonder how few people will truly stay.

i wonder about how long it takes for someone
to forget they knew my name, how many
summers will pass before i am burned out
like wildfires roaring across the plains
i wonder how long it will take me
to be reborn like the forests, to spring back,
brighter and taller and more beautiful than ever.
i wonder, i wonder, i wonder

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