abstract owl!

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.27.33 PM

i’ve been practicing drawing more natural elements, such as animals, and so far owls have been one of my favourites! here’s a brightly coloured barn owl that i’ve been working on. it’s taking more time then normal, but i’m enjoying her so far! what’s your favourite animal to paint? let me know!


this is a 24×36″ acrylic on canvas with a gel matte finish! The finish is new, and makes it feel so fancy (to me, anyways). i have plans to properly photograph this with my dslr, so here’s an iphone pic to enjoy in the meantime!

acrylic fun!

spring is coming! the combo of new spring colours along with the bright blues of the pacific ocean near my house are very inspiring. i’m enjoying painting with my windows open for a spring breeze and the sound of birdsongs – here are some colour studies to enjoy.


“don’t waste your talent” 2016, acrylic on canvas.

i used a reference for the original drawing and had a lot of fun working with these colours!



this piece is titled “still growing” done in october 2016. i don’t work with watercolours as much as i would like, even though i enjoy the results i find them one of the most difficult mediums! however, i have more watercolour ideas that i hope to start working with soon.