free time!

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around 70-80% of my free time (mornings, evenings, days off, etc) is spent being artistic in SOME capacity. days where i’m not painting with acrylics, i’m drawing in my sketchbook, playing with watercolours, or ink pens. days where i’m not visually artistic in some way, i’ve likely been doing creative writing, or perhaps out with my camera. my absolute favorite, though, are sunny days off with wide open windows and a large blank canvas in front of me. heaven!


giant canvases are the best.


honestly, i’m over the moon with this 4×6 foot painting. i did it in an all-nighter with a palate knife and some great music. the colours and the movement are wonderful to me, and while i know there is most definitely room for improvement, i would love to keep workin on a large scale such as this one. more big canvases for me please!

do you prefer to work on a large or small scale? let me know!

sketchbook: feeling blue


recent sketchbook entry done originally in blue ink and then layered with blue, yellow, and pink watercolours. the original sketches were done quite quickly so i enjoyed spending extra time with watercolours to blend and add to the original drawings! i’ve been adding more colours to my sketchbook recently and it’s been wonderful so far.



this piece is titled “still growing” done in october 2016. i don’t work with watercolours as much as i would like, even though i enjoy the results i find them one of the most difficult mediums! however, i have more watercolour ideas that i hope to start working with soon.

it’s been a while!

i’m back! after dropping out of art school, spending a month in the netherlands, working in a museum all summer, i’m now enrolled in a museum and gallery studies program. i get to learn all of the behind the scenes work, and i’m constantly being exposed to new artists and new ideas. it’s taken me a little bit to get back into creating artwork, but keeping a daily sketchbook and being surrounded by creative people is a big help. below is a picture taken at the U of T gallery in Toronto.