giant canvases are the best.


honestly, i’m over the moon with this 4×6 foot painting. i did it in an all-nighter with a palate knife and some great music. the colours and the movement are wonderful to me, and while i know there is most definitely room for improvement, i would love to keep workin on a large scale such as this one. more big canvases for me please!

do you prefer to work on a large or small scale? let me know!

photos: learning to breathe again


i’ve been going over my photos from 2016 and there were a lot i liked that had never been edited and posted. all three of these were taken in the netherlands in april/may 2016. i’ve been thinking a lot about travelling more and taking more photos. who knows what the new year will bring! let me know if you’d like me to post more pictures like these!