back again! ft. watercolours


i haven’t posted in a little while due to some personal struggles but now i’m back! i’ve been focusing on mainly watercolours and poetry but i have hopes to work my way back into acrylics. in the meantime here is a watercolour in a new type of style that i was experimenting with. it was fun to do!



this piece is titled “still growing” done in october 2016. i don’t work with watercolours as much as i would like, even though i enjoy the results i find them one of the most difficult mediums! however, i have more watercolour ideas that i hope to start working with soon.

some colourful ladies

i’ve been on a bit of an art slump ever since i returned from my vacation to the netherlands, so i’ve been looking through my old artworks and inspiration boards to gibe me some more ideas. these are all from 2015 and are acrylics, and are all gals that i’m secretly in love with!! not all of these are the finished works.