sketchbook: feeling blue


recent sketchbook entry done originally in blue ink and then layered with blue, yellow, and pink watercolours. the original sketches were done quite quickly so i enjoyed spending extra time with watercolours to blend and add to the original drawings! i’ve been adding more colours to my sketchbook recently and it’s been wonderful so far.

sketchbooks and daily drawing


here is an excerpt from my personal sketchbook! I try to draw for at least half an hour every day (but some days it turns into three hours) just to keep myself in practice and constantly creating even when I’m busy with schoolwork. having a daily place to create and document moments or just write down memos. and it’s a great way to see the evolution of your art!

being an artist

when I was in elementary school and high school, I always believed that true art was realism and photo likenesses done in paint. I felt that the art I created wasn’t anywhere near good enough, but I ended up going to art school anyways because I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to study. I ended up learning so much about many different artists who created with such variety in their styles and mediums. Being exposed to all this different forms of creativity was an eye-opener for me! I was able to learn and experiment and create my own style. While I do not plan on having a career solely based on my own art (I would much prefer being a gallery curator), I adore having this freedom of expression and openness I can create within my work. To any high school students who feel like they’re not good enough at art to go to art school – go for it! It’s such a rewarding experience.