sometimes i get tired of my sketchbook so i go over it in watercolours! they’re not a medium i’m excellent at, but it’s a fun way to refresh my brain and sketchbook at the same time! plus, getting to play around with watercolours is quite relaxing, so i think i’m going to do it more often.

back again! ft. watercolours


i haven’t posted in a little while due to some personal struggles but now i’m back! i’ve been focusing on mainly watercolours and poetry but i have hopes to work my way back into acrylics. in the meantime here is a watercolour in a new type of style that i was experimenting with. it was fun to do!

watercolour poetry


i have started my 2017 with both watercolour paintings and some poetry, so i decided to use an old book and combine them with something i haven’t tried in a long time- blackout poetry! this was my first attempt and i will have to better document the words and practice more, but it’s fun so far.